引导让步状语从句的连词主要有以下这些:though, although, as; even if, even though; whether…or…; no matter+疑问词,疑问词-ever。下面对这些连词引导的让步状语从句作一说明。



Although they have been talking for a long time, he cannot make her believe him.


We had to wait half an hour ________we had already booked a table.

A. since B. although C. until D. before


2.even if/even though引导的让步状语从句

(1)even if引导的让步状语从句

even if "即使,纵然",从句表示的是尚未发生的动作或存在的情况。

Even if it rains tomorrow, we won’t change our plan. 即使明天下雨,我们也决不改变计划。

Even if I failed again, I will not give up the experiment. 即使我再次失败,我也决不会放弃实验。

(2) even though引导的让步状语从句

even though"虽然,尽管",从句所表示的是已经发生的动作或存在的情况,通常可以和although/though换用。

Even though I didn’t understand a word, I kept smiling. 即使我一个字也不懂,我还是保持微笑。

Even though you say so, I do not believe it. 即使你这样说,我也不信。

(2016·北京卷﹒单项填空)My grandfather still plays tennis now and then, _______________ he’s in his nineties.

A.as long as    B. as if    C. even though    D. in case




Much as I admire his courage, I don’t think he acted wisely. 我虽然佩服他的勇气,但我认为他这样做是不聪明的。

Strong as you maybe, you cannot lift it. 虽然你可能很有力气,你却无法把它提起来。

Child as he is, he is very brave.尽管他还是个孩子,但是他很勇敢。

1._________, his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting.

A. Strange as might it sound

B. As it might sound strange

C. As strange it might sound

D. Strange as it might sound

2._________, Carolina couldn’t get the door open.

A. Try as she might B. As she might try

C. She might as try D. Might she as try

【参考答案】1.D  2.A




While I understand your point of view, I do not share it. 我虽了解你的观点,但不敢苟同。

While I sympathize, I really can’t do very much to help. 虽然我很同情,但我确实帮不了什么忙。

(2016·浙江卷﹒单项填空)_____________ online shopping has changed our life, not all of its effects have been positive.

A.Since B. After C. While D. Unless


5.疑问词-ever与no matter+疑问词引导的让步状语从句

(1)whatever/no matter what引导的让步状语从句

whatever和no matter what用法相同,都作"无论什么"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

Whatever/No matter what he says, don’t go. 不管他说什么,你都不要走。

We are determined to fulfill the task, whatever/no matter what happens. 不管发生什么,我们决心完成这项任务。

(2) whichever/no matter which引导的让步状语从句

whichever和no matter which用法相同,都作"无论哪个"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

Whichever/No matter which you buy, there is a six-month guarantee. 不论你买哪个,都有六个月的保修期。

Whichever/No matter which of the two men had stolen her purse, Barbara was determined to find them. 不管是这两个人中的谁偷了她的钱包,芭芭拉都决心找到他们。

(3)whoever/no matter who引导的让步状语从句

whoever和no matter who用法相同,都作"无论谁"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

You can’t come in, whoever you are. 不管你是谁,都不能进来。

Whoever/No matter who wants to speak to me on the phone, tell him I’m busy. 不管谁要我接电话,就说我现在正忙着呢。

(4) wherever/no matter where引导的让步状语从句

wherever和no matter where用法相同,都作"无论在(或到)哪里"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

Wherever/No matter where you go, I’m right here waiting for you. 无论你到哪里,我都依然在这里等着你。

(5)however/no matter how引导的让步状语从句

however和no matter how用法相同,都作"无论如何……"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

However much you regret doing that, there is nothing you can do about it now. 无论你可能多么懊悔你曾经做过的事,现在也无济于事了。

However high it may be, it can’t reach the sky. 它不论有多高,也高不到天上去。

(6) whenever/no matter when引导的让步状语从句

whenever和no matter when用法相同,都作"无论何时"解,后者多用于非正式文体。

Whenever I’m unhappy, he cheers me up. 不管什么时候我不高兴,他都给我鼓劲儿。

1._________, I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week.

A. However the story is amusing

B. No matter amusing the story is

C. However amusing the story is

D. No matter how the story is amusing


2.You should try to get a good night’s sleep ________much work you have to do.

A. however B. no matter

C. although D. whatever


【答案解析】句意:无论有多么多的工作要做,你都应该晚上睡好。分析句子结构可知,"________much work you have to do"是让步状语从句,此处表示"多么",且修饰形容词much应用however。故选A。

6.(no matter) whether…or引导的让步状语从句


You’ll have to attend the ceremony whether you’re free or busy. 不管你忙不忙,都要参加这个典礼。

Whether you believe it or not, it’s true.无论你是否相信,这都是真的。

— Dad,  I’ve finished my assignment.

— Good,  and ________you play or watch TV,  you mustn’t disturb me.

A. whenever   B. whether

C. whatever D. no matter


题组一 能力过关


1.(2017·北京卷)Their research also suggests how we may build lasting memories over time _________the synapses become thinner.

2.(2017·江苏卷)_________clean energy is increasingly used in our daily life, global warming will continue for some decades after CO2emissions(排放)peak.

3.While high school does not generally encourage students to explore new aspects of life, college sets the stage for that exploration.

4.(2017·新课标卷II)The friendship that grew out of the experience of making that film and The Sting four years later had its root in the fact that ________  there was an age difference, we both came from a tradition of theater and live TV.

5.(2017·新课标卷II)Though the movie is 30 years old, most of the 250 seats were filled with teary-eyed audience wanting to say good-bye to the old building.


1._________ the students found the soldier’s idea interesting, the system for the blind was too difficult to be of practical use.

A.As B. Since C. While D. When

2.Today, both male and female athletes from around the world can take part in the Olympics, _________nation they come from.

A.no matter B. whatever C. what D.no matter where

3.The engineers are so busy that they have no time for sports activities, _________they have the interest.

A.even if B.as if C.whenever D. wherever

4.This is a very interesting book. I’ll buy it, ________.

A.how much may it cost B.no matter how it may cost

C.however much it may cost D.whatever may it cost

5.______these different forms of greeting and customs might seem strange to you, remember _____you consider normal probably seems just as unusual to others.

A.As; what B.As; that

A.While; what D.While; that

6.________, the football game was decided not to put off.

A.Heavily as did it rain B.As it rained heavily

C.As heavily it rained D. Heavily as it rained

7.My professor’s son was ambitious of being a soldier________ he was so weak and thin.

A.because B.while

C.though D.as though

8.We will hold a meeting to sum up our experience _________we finish our task.

A.in case B. even though

A.despite D.immediately

9.He will never give up the chance to go abroad for further education _________the situation is.

A.whatever B.however

C.whenever D.wherever

10.Jackson is cheerful about his life _______ he is suffering from cancer.

A.even if B.as long as

C.as if D. ever since

III. 语法填空

A Japanese company has just invented Pepper, a human-like robot. It has arms and hands, but has no legs. Pepper can speak 17 languages and  1 (have) a display(显示器) on its chest, in which you can type in many different  2 (command). The robot’s artificial intelligence system can read different kinds of human emotions. It can also read, answer questions and react  3 the feelings of people.

Pepper gets its information from  4 series of cameras, as well as facial and voice recognition software. It  5 (connect) to the Internet where it gets information from a database. Special safety features make it almost impossible for the software  6 (crash). Pepper is a learning robot that becomes better and better in recognizing human 7 (behave).

The market demand for robots is growing and because of its  8 (rapid) aging population, Japan is one of the  9 (large) markets in the world.  10 many companies have been creating robots for various purposes, very little has been done to get robots to work on the emotional level. Pepper is the first machine that can do just that.


题组二 体验真题

1.(2017·北京)__________ birds use their feathers for flight, some of their feathers are for other purposes.

A.Once     B. If    C. Although    D. Because

2.(2015·安徽)______ he once felt like giving up, he now has the determination to push further and keep on going.

A.Where B. As C. In case D. Now that

3.(2015·安徽)______ scientists have learned a lot about the universe, there is much we still don’t know.

A.Once B. Since C. Though D. Unless

4.(2014·北京)_______ the forest park is far away, a lot of tourists visit it every year.

A.As B. When C. Even though D. In case




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