考向一  一般将来时

1.shall用于第一人称,常被will 所代替。will 在陈述句中用于各人称,在征求意见时常用于第二人称。

Which paragraph shall I read first? 我先读哪一段呢?

Will you be at home at seven this evening? 今晚七点回家好吗?

2.be going to +不定式,表示将来。

a. 主语的意图,即将做某事。

What are you going to do tomorrow? 明天打算作什么呢?

b. 计划或安排要发生的事。

The play is going to be produced next month。这出戏下月开播。

c. 有迹象要发生的事。

Look at the dark clouds, there is going to be a storm. 看那乌云,快要下雨了。

3.be +不定式表将来,按计划或正式安排将发生的事。

We are to discuss the report next Saturday. 我们下星期六讨论这份报告。

4.be about to +不定式,意为马上做某事。

He is about to leave for Beijing. 他马上要去北京。

注意:be about to do 不能与tomorrow, next week 等表示明确将来时的时间状语连用。



The train leaves at six tomorrow morning. 火车明天上午六点开。

—When does the bus star? 汽车什么时候开?

—It stars in ten minutes. 十分钟后。


Here comes the bus. = The bus is coming. 车来了。

There goes the bell. = The bell is ringing. 铃响了。


When Bill comes不是will come., ask him to wait for me. 比尔来后,让他等我。

I’ll write to you as soon as I arrive there. 我到了那里,就写信给你。

d.在动词hope,take care that,make sure that等的宾语从句中。

I hope they have a nice time next week. 我希望他们下星期玩得开心。

Make sure that the windows are closed before you leave the room. 离开房间前,务必把窗户关了。


下列动词come, go, arrive, leave, start, begin, return等现在进行时可以表示将来。

I’m leaving tomorrow. 明天我要走了。

Are you staying here till next week? 你会在这儿待到下周吗?


—Dr. Jackson is not in his office at the moment.

—All right. I ____________ him later.

A.will call B. have called C. call D will be calling


【解析】句意:—-Dr Jackson现在不在办公室。一好的,我待会再打给他。由later 可知,表示的是将来要执行的动作,用一般将来时。故选A。


考向二  过去将来时



He said he would come here next Friday. 他说他下周五来这儿。

I knew that he would help us when we were in trouble. 我知道当我们陷入困境时他会帮助我们。


(1) would + 动词原形

She told us that she would try her best to catch up with other classmates this term. 她告诉我们说她将一切努力在本学期赶上其他同学。

When you asked Li Lei for help, he would never refuse you. 当你请李雷帮忙时,他绝不会拒绝。

(2)was / were going to + 动词原形

He told us that he was going to attend the meeting. 他告诉我说他要参加那次会议。

He said that I was going to be sent to meet her at the railway station. 他说将要派我去火车站接她。

(3)was / were to + 动词原形。

The building was to be completed next month. 这座建筑该在下个月竣工。

Li Lei was to arrive soon. 李雷很快就要到了。

(4)was / were about to + 动词原形。

We were about to leave there when it began to rain heavily and suddenly. 就在我们要离开时,天突然下起了大雨。

He was about to have lunch when the bell rang. 就在他要吃中饭的时候,门铃响了。

(5)was / were +现在分词。

He was leaving the next day. 他第二天要走了。

We were informed that the leaders were coming to our school soon. 我们接到通知说领导们很快要来我们学校。



He said he would stay with us. 他说他要与我们待在一起。

He said he would never go there again. 他说他绝不会再去那儿。


If I were you, I would not do that. 如果我是你的话,我就不会那样做。

If he were here, he would show us how to do it. 如果他在这儿,他就会向我们展示该如何做了。


was / were going to + 动词原形,was / were to + 动词原形,was / were about to + 动词原形等结构都可表达当时一种未曾实现的意图或打算。

The conference was going to be held the next month. 会议下个月开。

We were to have our class at eight. 八点我们该上课了。

Albert Einstein was born in 1879. As a child, few people guessed that he ____________ a famous scientist whose theories would change the world.

A.has been B. had been C. was going to be D. was


【解析】句意:爱因斯坦出生于1879年,小的时候很少人猜到他将会成为一-个伟大的科学家,他的理论将会改变全世界。根据句意,应该是表达过去将来时,所以只有C选项符合。该选项是使用过去进行时表将来。A选项是现在完成时(用以表达过去的动作对现在的影响,往往有一些关键的词比如说since或者是for加一段时间);B选项是过去完成时(具备的条件是有两个动词,而且其中一个动作要在另一个动作之前发生,那么这个之前发生的动词就使用过去完成时); C选项是过去进行时(过去进行时表示过去某一此刻正在进行的动作,另外动词going的进行时还可以表达将来); D选项是过去时(表达过去的动作)。结合以上的表述以及后句使用的情态动词would (wll的过去式,用于过去将来时),分析可知答案就是C。

【名师点睛】分析四个选项可以知道,该题考查的其实是不同的时态。掌握英语的时态和语态,必须掌握好英语中的助动词(do, be, have)和时间状语这两个核心问题,如本题的1879, would change的提示。另外也要结合使用语境综合分析选项,最终得出答案。

题组一 基础过关

用will/be going to填空

1.I think I ____________ pass the English test tomorrow.

2.Try this cake. You ____________ like it!

3.Many scientists say the climate ____________ change a lot in the next hundred years.

4.Look at the clouds!It ____________ rain.

5.He ____________ be twenty years old.

6.I’m tired. I think I ____________ go to bed.

7.I ____________ beat you if you do that again.

8.He is seriously ill. He ____________ die.


题组二 能力提升


1.A kind of newly-made shoes, if put into the market, _________ large orders because the heels can switch from 4 to 9 centimeters.

A.meets B.will meet C. has met D. met

2.—Hi, Lily. Don’t forget to watch I’m a Singer at 20: 10 this Friday!

—What a pity! I_________ in a plane to Hainan for a meeting then.

A.will sit B.will be sitting C.am sitting D. sit

3.—Hi, Mr. Smith. Which department do you work in?

—I am in the Marketing Department now, but I_________ in the Sales Department before long.

A.worked B.will work C. have worked D. will have worked

4.—Did you inform Mary of the change of our plan?

—Oh no, I forgot. I _________and tell her.

A.call B.am to call

C.am going to call D. will call

5.No matter how advanced modern equipment is, letters_________ in expressing people’s feelings.

A.will never replace B.will never be replaced

C.never replace D.have never been replaced

6.The radio broadcast said that it _________tomorrow.

A.was not going to snow B.was not snowing

C.would not snow D.was not to snow

7.I _________Mr. Ked the next day, but the appointment has been cancelled.

A.was going to see B.saw

C.had seen D.will see

8.I thought he_________ that evening party, but to my surprise, he came.

A.wouldn’t attend B.hadn’t attended

C.didn’t attend D.won’t attend

9.She told us she_________a movie with us if she was free.

A.will see B.is going to see

C.would see D.saw

10.My mother promised she_________me a present unless I passed all the exams.

A.had not given B.would not give

C.will not give D.does not give



More than 1,250 lit stalls(货摊)brighten the center of Thailand’s capital city,  1 (provide) a multicolored sight. The shelter,  2 is designed for the thousands of traders and shoppers at Bangkok’s night market, has become an  3 (attract) itself.

The market, which  4 (call) Train Night Market Ratchada in English, was opened in January 2015 and has become  5 popular spot for locals and tourists. Software engineer Prasad Ambati visited the market and took the landscape photographs from a nearby car park. “Those  6 (color) tents and people shopping, eating at stalls and the flashing lights were great. The tents made me think of a giant painting.”

This is  7 (primary) a market that sells yesteryear(旧时) goods, old-fashioned  8 (collection) of clothes, motorbikes, and second-hand toys. There are also plenty of general market things for sale,  9 cheap clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. But above all it’s one of the best places for street food, open-air bars with live music frequently  10 (perform) all over.


题组三 体验真题

1.(2017·新课标I卷改编)Our exhibits _________( feed) your mind, but what about your body?

2.(2017·北京卷改编)The first magazine with your gift message ________( arrive) in time for the special day.

3.(2017·新课标I卷改编)The parents had done their duty and ___________( probably ,continue )to do so.

4.(2015·湖南)As you go through this book, you ________ that each of the millions of people who lived through World War II had a different experience.

A.will find B. found C. had found D. have found

5.(2015·陕西)At college, Barack Obama didn’t know that he          the first black president of the United States of America.

A.was to become      B. becomes    C. is to become     D. became


题组一 基础过关

用will/be going to填空

1.will 2. will 3. will 4. is going to

5.will 6. will 7. will 8. is going to

题组二 能力提升





【解析】考查时态。句意:一喂, Lily。 不要忘了观看本周五晚上八点十分的《我是歌手》!太 可惜啦!那时我正坐着飞往海南的飞机去开会呢。根据then可知此处为将来时,联系上句中的时间状语可推知,|这里表示在将来某个时间正在进行的动作,故用将来进行时,故答案为B.


【解析】考查时态。句意:——你好, Smith先生。你在哪个部门工作? ——我现在在市场部, 但我不久就要到销售部工作。根据before long推知此处表将来的动作 , 故选项B正确。


【解析】考查动词的时态。根据语境可知,空处表示说话者临时要做的事情,所以用”will+动词原形”。be going to do表示说话者已经决定的计划或安排要做的事,be to do表示计划中约定的或按职责、义务和要求必须去做的事或即将发生的动作,均不符合语境。




【解析】考查过去将来时。句意:无线电广播说明天不会下雪。be going to do sth.可用于谈天气,表示根据某种明显的迹象推断将有某种天气变化。


【解析】考查过去将来时。句意:我本打算第二天去看Ked先生,但是约会被取消了。was going to do sth.有”(过去)本打算做某事”之意,言外之意是这个打算没有实现。








【文章大意】本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍了位于曼谷的夜市Train Night Market Ratchada。




【解析】考查定语从句。先行词是The shelter,空处引导非限制性定语从句,且在从句中作主语,故用which。


【解析】考查词性转换。根据空前的an可知,此处应填名词attraction “游览胜地,具有吸引力的事物”。

4.is called

【解析】考查时态和语态。定语从句说的是现在的客观事实,应该用一般现在时:which(指代The market)与call之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态。



6. colo(u)ful











题组三 体验真题

1.will feed


2.will arrive


3.would probably continue



【解析]】般将来时表示将要发生的动作或情况。在般将来时的句子中, 有时有表示将来时间的状语,有时没有时间状语,这时要从意思上判断是否指未来的动作或情况。句意:当你通读这本书的时候,你将会发现成干上万的经历过二战的每个人都有不同的经历。根据句意,判断主语的时态为一般将来时,故选A





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